Mentivity is deeply imbedded in the communities we serve. Individually, we have lived and worked in the same communities that our young people come from. In the process, we have gained extensive and unrivalled experiences in numerous settings. Our collective expertise in young peoples’ services exceeds 45 years professional experience.

These experiences have been accrued in various roles, such as: Learning Mentors, PE Teachers, Football Coaches, Youth Offending Key Workers, Behaviour Consultants, Attendance Officers, Support Staff at Pupil Referral Units and as Coach Educators. This amounts to an excellent understanding of best practices in a variety of different contexts, and enables us to identify the most effective way to reach out to a diverse population of young people.

Our passion and drive to improve the personal, social and educational outcomes for our young people continues to be at the very heart of our work. We want to create a legacy so that our much needed work and support continues in our absence. We are committed to helping and assisting our young people, giving them the opportunity to achieve their true potential and shape their futures through empowerment, accountability, critical thinking, perseverance, responsibility and humility.