how mentivity supports young people


Mentivity provides a needs-based service that affects positive and sustained change in our young people. Some of our methods are detailed below:

  • Mentivity increases young peoples’ personal, cultural and structural understanding of the world that surrounds them. This is achieved through positive and engaging activities such as sports participation, mentoring through formal/informal education and nurturing conversation through a variety of multimedia resources that foster constructive change in young peoples’ own lives.

  • Mentivity mentors young people in a positive, understanding and encouraging manner. This approach inspires them to engage and successfully reintegrate into the school and wider society, whilst improving their learning outcomes.

  • Mentivity uses sport, alongside positive and enriching activities as a rehabilitative and engaging tool to cultivate young people. Through these activities, young people acquire positive transferable qualities, enabling them to develop personally, socially and educationally as young people and citizens of their communities.

  • Mentivity’s services stimulate critical thinking amongst young people, through engaging, exploring conversation, inspirational workshops, motivating presentations. This approach enables young people to improve their self-discipline and personal responsibility and accountability. Through increasing their self-awareness and self-efficacy, young people realize that they can make positive contributions to their own lives and society as a whole.

  • Mentivity drives meaningful change by improving social outcomes for young people. Through our collaborative activities, young people improve their teamwork and communication skills. They also feel that they have a less passive ‘voice’ – an important aspect of improving their sense of agency.