I want to take this opportunity to say a massive thank you, for the event you all organised last week with Goldman Sachs. It was truly inspirational and the students gave glowing feedback and were having the best time, whilst learning. The staff from Goldman Sachs looked as though they were also having a great time, talking and engaging with the young people. You are all amazing and we are lucky to have you in the building, supporting some of the most vulnerable students in the school. I know you all go way over and above, what you are paid for and expected to do.

So a huge thank you to all!

Karen wood, deputy safeguarding lead, ark walworth academy


I just wanted to feedback that I have had so many positive comments about Mentivity and your work and support from both adults and the children. It is so great to see them co-operating and really thinking things through with you. The visit to SILS definitely had an impact on Jason and he was commenting to others how they should behave this afternoon! It was the first thing that he told his Dad - that he had visited and he did not want to go there. Hopefully it will be something to help him make positive choices. Thank you so much.”

Kathryn Puch, SENco, Surrey Square Primary School


'Mentivity brought a level of professionalism and energy to our school. I was impressed with their manner and their effective approach to our students. Mentivity sensitivity and comprehensively planned a selection of personalised interventions for our most vulnerable students. They regularly communicated the progress to our staff and were a positive high profile addition to the team. I was very impressed with the outcomes, currently those young people have not had any fixed term exclusions since.'

Rob Harding, Assistant Principal, University Academy of Engineering South Bank